31/07/2018 12:19

How do I find out my kids helmet size?

Wearing a helmet whilst cycling or scooting is highly important, however what's more important is that it fits properly. A helmet too big or too small will not only be uncomfortable and irritating, but it is not as protective. Follow our easy steps to ensure the perfect fit for your kids helmet

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16/07/2018 10:48

How do I fit a wall mounted bike rack?

Bikes can be difficult to store. With handlebars and pedals sticking out, leaving them in the hallway is not always the best option.This is when a bike rack is needed. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the perfect bicycle wall rack should effortlessly store bikes, optimising space and display your bikes to maximum effect.


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16/07/2018 10:47

Bike safety for kids

Cycling is a great summer activity with the kids, it’s fun, a good form of exercise and more importantly, it’s environmentally friendly. Read on to find out our top tips to ensure bike safety this Summer.

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