How do I fit a wall mounted bike rack?

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How do I fit a wall mounted bike rack

Bikes can be difficult to store. With handlebars and pedals sticking out, leaving them in the hallway is not always the best option.This is when a bike rack is needed. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the perfect bicycle wall rack should effortlessly store bikes, optimising space and display your bikes to maximum effect.


Advantages of a wall mounted bike rack

  • Optimise your space.
  • Sleek and effortless storage. By storing your bike on a wall mounted bike rack, whether vertically or horizontally, it immediately becomes a tidier bike storage idea or solution.
  • Easy to use storage. Especially when storing multiple bikes in one space, it can sometimes be hard to access the bike you are needing. The design of wall mounted bike rack allows easy access to individual bikes, without having to clamber over others to get there.
  • Show your bike off. Bikes are increasingly becoming more of a lifestyle rather as well as a mode of transport. The sleek designs of vertical bike storage allows you to display your bike to really show it off.


What to look for when choosing a rack
When choosing a bike storage solution, particularly one which will be indoors or in the home, you want to find one which compliments its surroundings. Combining practicality with style. Vertical bike racks which are small and versatile are often the best as they cater to all needs and spaces. Whether you are storing just one bike or a whole family.

Hornit CLUG is small and sleek in design creating a minimalist effect. Making it ideal to stylishly store one bike, or effectively storing bikes for all the family.


How to fit your bike rack

Installing a bicycle wall rack properly is essential in order to optimise its functions and the storage capacity of your space. Most bicycle wall mounts will come with a comprehensive fixing guide however there are a number of things to always keep in mind.
  • Positioning of the bike rack on the wall. This may not be the same for all bikes and all spaces so it is essential to measure carefully each time of installation. For example with the Hornit CLUG, one bike may be slightly taller or small when positioned vertically so it is important to re-measure for each bike being stored.
  • Spacing between bike racks. If using multiple racks for multiple bikes you need to leave enough space to account for the width of the pedals and handlebar so that when putting in or removing a bike, it doesn't hit, or scratch another one. This also applies in leaving enough space beside another wall or door etc.


If you have bought a Hornit CLUG, the packaging works as a useful installation guide, providing drilling templates and instructions to make installation quick and easy. For more information about Hornit CLUG, the world’s smallest bike rack, follow this link:


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