How do I find out my kids helmet size?

Posted on 31/07/2018 12:19 by Hornit



Should kids wear helmets?

Wearing a helmet whilst cycling or scooting is highly important, however what's more important is that it fits properly. A helmet too big or too small will not only be uncomfortable and irritating, but it is not as protective. Follow our easy steps to ensure the perfect fit for your kids helmet.


What do I need? 

All you need is a measuring tape. Wrap it around your child’s head two fingers or an inch above the eyebrows, ensuring it is level. Don’t have a measuring tape to hand? No problem, just grab a piece of string and use the same method. Cut the string at the correct length, and measure it against a ruler.


Making sure it fits properly

Once your kids helmet has arrived there are three main things to look out for to make sure it is the perfect fit...

- Side straps should be adjusted to form a tight V under the earlobes

- The chin strap should be snug, however not too tight under the chin. Make sure your child can open their mouth really wide without being uncomfortable.

- The helmet itself needs to sit two fingers or one inch above the eyebrows (exactly the same as the original tape measurement)


Too big or too small?

To test if your kids bike helmet is too big, get your child to shake their head back and forth, ensuring it doesn't slip over the eyes or expose the forehead. You will know if a children’s helmet is too small if it leaves a noticeable line after it is worn.

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