Frequently Asked Questions


Hornit dB140


How loud is it?

Very. It is 140dB. This makes it the world's loudest cycle horn, more than four times louder than its nearest competitor and eight times louder than a car horn.


Why is it so loud?

The Hornit needs to be effective in ALL conditions. It may have to be heard by a bus or lorry driver whilst competing against some or all of the following at the same time: tyre noise, diesel engines, air brakes, wind, rain and in-car music. The louder the better. Tests showed that 140dB was the minimum required in extreme conditions.


Why does it have two different sounds?

The monotone horn sound 'park mode' is less piercing than the dual tone 'road' mode.  In a park or on a cyclepath some users may prefer to use the monotone horn sound.


How do pedestrians react?

Watch the video! The great thing about the Hornit is you can warn pedestrians a long way in advance. This means it is not actually that loud when the sound reaches their ears and that they have time to look up, see you and move calmly out of the way. That said, you should always be prepared for the unexpected and ride accordingly.


Is it legal?

Yes. There are currently no restrictions governing noise levels of horns on bicycles in the UK.


Is it safe for my ears?

Due to the design and the fact that sound is directional, when used correctly on a bike, the level of sound which reaches the cyclist's ears ranges from 100dB-104dB. This is equivalent to a power mower or rock concert. Sustained exposure at this level is likely to cause hearing damage, but clearly exposure will not be sustained if the Hornit is used normally. The Hornit should be used only in appropriate situations to prevent accidents. The Hornit should never be used indoors, close to people's ears or near children or pets.


Is it safe for children to use?

The Hornit is not a toy. Children under 16 should use the Hornit only with adult supervision and for the intended use, bearing in mind children are much more likely to use it irresponsibly and damage their own or someone else's hearing.


How does it fit to my bike?

Please refer to the instructions (a copy of which can be downloaded online). The trigger is made of a durable stretchy rubber material which will fit around all normal handlebars. The main horn unit clips on and off the handlebar fixing mount like a bike light. The handlebar fixing mount fits on almost all handlebars.


How do I know it will fit my bike?

The two part horn (main unit and trigger) is a versatile design and allows you to mount the horn and the trigger in a comfortable, convenient location on the handlebars whilst taking into account the different set-up of brakes and gear shifters on different bikes and the different sizes of people's hands.  There is not a 100% guarantee it will fit, but it has been designed to fit as many bikes as possible, including road bikes.  If you receive the Hornit and it does not fit simply contact us by email for a no quibbles refund (provided the horn and packaging are in their original condition).


Will it get stolen?

The Hornit may get stolen in the same way as any other bike accessory might get stolen. It is best to remove the main horn unit by unclipping it from its mount. You can also remove the trigger if there is a risk of theft. Alternatively you can leave the trigger in place and store the connecting wire in the specially made ‘keeper’ in the handlebar fixing mount.


How is it powered?

The Hornit is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The supplied batteries are not rechargeable. To replace the batteries simply unscrew the battery lid, change the batteries and replace the lid. See the instructions for full details.


Are the batteries included?



Are the batteries rechargeable?

No. Rechargeable batteries usually have a lower voltage, meaning that less sound is generated so they are best avoided.


How long will the batteries last?

Naturally this depends on usage. If you use it for 6 one second blasts a day the batteries will comfortably last for over six months. Models which were tested were still effective after 12 months.


Is it waterproof?

The Hornit is NOT waterproof so should not be submerged underwater. However, the Hornit has been designed to function in all weather conditions and will continue to work normally even in torrential downpours.  During testing the Hornit samples each withstood over a litre of water being sprayed directly into the front of the horn and continued to function as normal. The product has an IP rating of IP44 (splash-proof).  If the worst happens and you drop the Hornit into water, it will work as normal once it has dried out fully.  If you have any problems just get in touch.


How long does it take to send?

Standard UK delivery will be posted on the next working day using Royal Mail and will be delivered within 1-5 days. Express UK delivery will be delivered within 1-2 days for orders placed before 11am Monday to Thursday, but please note Hornit does not deliver over the weekend. European and Worldwide delivery will be posted on the next working day and may take up to 7 days.


Can I buy one in the shops?

Yes. Extra UK distribute nationwide and all good shops stock the Hornit dB140.


What is the returns policy?

We want you to be really happy with your purchase.  If you have any problems please use the contact us email and we will do our best to help. Please go to Delivery & Returns for full details of our Returns policy.


Mini Hornit


Is it loud?

No. The Mini Hornit is not loud! It is tested as a toy and has passed the compulsory tests for toys for the EU and the USA. The decibel range is 70-90 decibels (equivalent to being inside a car (70dB) at the quiet end and equivalent to being in the room with a food blender (90db)).


Can the Mini Hornit be heard by car drivers?

No! The sound effects are not deigned to be heard by drivers. If this is what you’re looking for then buy the Hornit dB140! The Mini Hornit has to be safe for kids’ ears so it does not damage their hearing even when set off right next to their or someone else’s ear


Why don’t you make it louder?

For a number of reasons: - it needs to be safe for kids’ ears - a speaker of that size can only make a limited level of sound - we’re keen that parents do not think it is anti-social or embarrassing if their kids use it in public


How bright are the lights?

The lights are 12 lumens. This is the same or higher rating than many bike safety on the market. They are designed to make the rider visible at night.


How long is battery life?

Obviously this depends on use. The AAA batteries last for 7 hours on constant light mode and 12 hours on the fast flash mode.


Why is there an optional remote trigger?

On a scooter the rider can operate the Mini Hornit with their thumbs, without moving their hands off the handlebars. When using the Mini Hornit on a bike it is safest to plug in the remote trigger and mount the trigger (button switch) underneath where the rider’s thumb on the hand grip sits so that the selected sound can be made without the need for the rider to move their hand from the handlebars.


How does it fit to my bike/scooter?

The strong, stretchy wings will fit around all bike and scooter handlebars and fasten the Mini Hornit securely in place. They fasten to the rear fixing points. It takes seconds to mount and take off and a child can do it with ease.


How strong are the wings?

They are strong enough to hold a 15kg weight! We tested them. That said, rubber can tear very easily if it comes into contact with a sharp object so take care to avoid nicks or cuts on the wings.


What are the wings for?

The wings don't just look nice, they serve to attach the Mini Hornit to the handlebars of any bike or scooter. Wrap them around the bars and fasten to the rear fixing points.


What does the ‘sting’ do?

The ‘sting’ is both the ON/OFF button and the volume button. To switch ON or OFF press and hold the ‘sting’ for 2 seconds, waiting for the beep. To change the volume, press the ‘sting’ briefly. The volume cycles through from loud to medium to quiet to loud to medium to quiet and so on


Will it get stolen if I leave it on my bike?

We strongly advise that the Mini Honrit is NOT left unattended on a bike or scooter because it is so easy to remove. If you ride to school the best option is to take into school with you and show all your friends! Next best is if Mum or Dad removes it, switches it off so it doesn’t sound in the middle of a meeting and then reattaches it after school.


How waterproof is it?

It will be fine in light rain and possibly heavy rain, provided the water does not get into the internal parts via the front end or the battery compartment. If it is raining we recommend that the front end is tilted downwards slightly so that any water hitting or dripping onto the front does not run back into main unit.


What if it does get wet, submerged or soaked?

The speaker will actually work under water! However, the problem is other internal parts may rust or malfunction. Try shaking out excess water and then placing it in a tub of dry rice overnight, allowing the dry rice to soak up the moisture. It’s worked for my iPhone so will hopefully resurrect the Mini Hornit as well. Water damage is not covered by the warranty so try and avoid dropping it in a puddle.


How durable is the Mini Hornit?

As part of the testing process we submitted the Mini Hornit to some extreme wear and tear tests to find out at what point the product would fail. The wings were able to withstand 15kg of weight and the units worked after being dropped from 10m onto a pavement/sidewalk. The trigger should be treated with care. It is not a Tarzan rope that can support a child’s body weight (it is designed to hold 1kg of weight. Care should be taken not to pull the wires out of the trigger assembly or the plug. The button/trigger carried on working after a 20,000 button press test.


Can I buy one in the shops?

The product is available in multiple stores in the UK, USA, Europe and across the world. If it’s not available in your local store please tell them they are missing out. You can buy online from us or one of our partners. 


How long does it take to send?

Please see our Delivery information.


What is the returns policy?

Please see our Returns information.



Where do you ship to?

Please see all delivery options, including countries we ship to on the Delivery & Returns  page.